About the site

Thanks for visiting the Startup Speakers site.

We hope that the information and short posts here are useful, to both current members for getting the most out of the club, and to those just checking us out to see what we're about.

This sight was built with Google Sites at Google Apps for Business. It was decided that GS offered the best mix of flexibility and ease of maintenance for a club site operated by volunteers, whose roles can shift two or more times a year. That decision is, of course, subject to change (WordPress was a very close second, and a sentimental favorite), but Google Sites seemed the smarter platform for this initial version.

The idea of having a site first gained traction as a way of making our private, YouTube-hosted videos easily searchable for our members (private videos on YT cannot be searched, even by those with viewer access to them. Really.) But the many other good uses for a club site didn't escape us. And so (where's that Ah Counter?) here we are.

The background image on the header is from a photo of a large painting hanging in the room where we meet at Plug and Play. The site's color scheme is keyed off that. The header was constructed and the site styled by Nico, who was also our Webinatrix for the 2H13 term during which the site was conceived and built.

Most of the text was originally written by Fletcher for his "other club." It was massaged and Startup Speaker-ized by Nico. The remaining text is by Nico, Lisha, and Adam (thanks, team, for your interest and support.) The "flyer" design is Lisha's, on demand!

Thanks to Puneet for technical assistance.

And thanks to all the women and men of Startup Speakers Toastmasters for making it such warm and supportive club.