Alternative Meeting Options

On occasion, we will have special meetings. In order to make life easier, you can find details about these variations here with ideas on how to put them on.

The various alternatives are listed to the left, but here is a summary:

  • Elections covers nominations and elections, who does what, etc.
  • Contests covers the various contests and variations you might consider
  • Table Topics Grab Bag is for meetings where the TT master will have a special type of TT rather than questions based on the theme of the day
  • Meeting Grab Bag is where all the roles for a meeting (including TM) are put in 1 or 2 containers (bags) and the members pick from a bag to find out their role.
  • Reverse meetings are simply meetings held in reverse order. Sounds confusing, but can be great fun.

If you have an idea for a special type of meeting, contact the VPE and propose your idea.