Ah Counter

  • Your job is to track those times when someone makes a vocal sound to fill the gaps that happens as they think of what to say. These are collectively referred to as "Ahs." Examples are:
    • Ahhh, Ummm,
    • You Know
    • OK, so
    • Repeated words (I I, You you, etc.)
  • ''
  • When asked to explain your duties at the start of the meeting, you should include include the following.
    • You will track each ahhh, ummm, etc. for each person
    • At the end of the meeting, you will give a report
    • The fine will be 5 cents for each infraction.
    • There is a maximum fine of 50 cents.
  • In your report at the end of the meeting:
    • Let each person know their total number of "Ahs," and give examples of any that were especially prevalent, perhaps grouping them similar to the list above.

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