Ballot Counter

Ballot Counter

  • Your role is to collect and process the votes for best speaker, best evaluator and best table topic speaker. At the beginning of the meeting, the TM will ask you how you want the ballots.

  • Some people like to wait until the very end of the meeting and then count up the votes for each category. Others prefer to get the votes after each section (TT, speeches, and evaluations). This second option provides you with more time to count so there is less rush at the end of the meeting. However, you can pick whatever seems more comfortable to you, and advise the group when the TM calls on you to explain your role. ''

  • Remember that the General Evaluator is also eligible to be best evaluator, so you don't want to collect ballots (or evaluator ballots) until the GE is done.

  • Write out the winners for each category and give it to the president who will present the awards to the whole group.

  • Give each speaker the slips with the audience feedback .

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