General Evaluator

General Evaluator

During the week before the meeting, the General Evaluator is responsible for the following:

  • Providing her or his introduction to the TM

  • Be sure you know who will be speaking, as well as the title of their speech, and the manual and speech number they will be doing.

  • Contacting all the Evaluators and assigning them to a given speaker.

  • Get a brief introduction from each evaluator so you can introduce them. If these introductions can reflect the day's theme, so much the better.

  • Paying attention to how well the TM communicates and prepares during the week.

During the meeting:

  • Your first and highest priority is to provide feedback to the evaluators. One approach is to evaluate each speaker as if you were evaluating them. Then compare your notes to what was said by the evaluator. But also look for other things including:

    • How well did they explain the pros and cons of the presentation?

    • Did they evaluate the speech or the content (we are learning to speak better, how well did they do in presenting their topic, regardless of what it may have been. ''The most common exception to this rule might be if it were a speech 'to persuade' in which case, the evaluator could indicate if they were persuaded or not.

    • Where possible, did they demonstrate the pro or con as they explained it?

    • Did they have a roughly equal number of pros and cons?

    • Was the evaluation appropriate for the speaker's skill level?

    • Was the constructive feedback given in a positive way?

    • For opinion issues, did the evaluator use terms like 'I felt that …' or 'I prefer to …', etc.?

    • Did they finish on time?

  • Once you have evaluated the evaluators, use the remaining time to evaluate the TM and meeting overall. This might include:

    • Was the pre-meeting organization handled well or did the TM wait until the last minute?

    • Was the TM well prepared for the meeting?

    • Were unexpected issues handled well?

    • Did the meeting start on time and flow smoothly?

    • If guests were there, were they properly introduced?

    • Were the duties clearly explained?

    • Was the TT Master prepared for as many questions as the TM needed to fill the time? Were they appropriate for the topic?

    • Were all the speakers (SP, GE, and TT) properly introduced? If not, was it the TM's fault or did the member not provide an adequate introduction? If the latter, how well did the TM handle it?

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