• When called on to explain the Timer role at the beginning of a meeting, you should include the following:

    • Table Topics are 2 minutes.

    • Evaluations are 3 minutes.

    • Speeches are normally 7 minutes, but may be longer.

    • When there is 2 minutes left, the green card is shown

    • When there is 1 minute left, the yellow card is shown

    • When their time is up, the red card is shown

    • There is a 30 second 'grace' period after the red light comes on. After that, you can hit the bell.

    • NOTE: Not bell for ice breaker speeches only

    • There is no fine if you speak too long or not long enough.

    • At the end of the meeting, you will give your report

  • At the end of the meeting, you will need to give a report of the allocated and used time for each speaker, TT, and Evaluator (including the GE).

  • Start the timer as soon as the speaker begins their presentation.

  • Ask the Sergeant At Arms for the colored "timing cards" if you don't see them.

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