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December 7th at 7:10 am


Our life compass helps us keep focused and aligned with what is important to us. It is a natural feeling that makes us know what is right and wrong and how we should behave. What helps us to listen to our inner compass? How do we form our values and beliefs which are at the core of our life compass? Let’s talk about your life compass in Table Topics portion of the meeting.


  • "Free Time" will be given by Georgi.

  • Ice breaker will be given by Pavy.

  • "Strawman, Steelman" will be given by Waiming.


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November 30th at 7:10 am


Children dream big. Their imagination has no limits. But as we grow up something happens to our dreams and we become more … realistic. Or small. Sometimes we totally give up our dreams. Why does this happen? How can we stick to our dreams? How can we make our massive goals happen to come to realization? As Nil Armstrong said, “Shoot for the stars but if you happen to miss shoot for the moon instead.” Let's explore our “shooting star” strategies in Table Topics Section of the meeting.


  • Parminder will speak on "Framework for success".

  • Elvira will speak on "Starting a new life".

  • Georgi will speak on "Member Appreciation Gifts".


November 16th at 7:10 am


Fear is one of our fundamental feelings which accompanies us throughout evolution so that we could survive and thrive. Courage is on the other hand was countering our fear when the cost of fear that was too high. In other words, courage comes into play when our ancestors were facing the choice of dying of a lack of food, but staying safe in a cave or going into a wilderness and an unknown territory full of danger and risking their lives to provide food. We always have this very hard choice between courage and fear, between staying safe and exploring the world. Let’s talk about courage and fear.


Wendy will speak on "Leadership Activation".

Georgi will speak on "Networking".


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November 9th at 7:10 am


Every day we make decisions big and small. Some of our choices bring us closer to the life we dream of or take us away from what we want.

Let’s talk about applying effective strategies and techniques can help you improve your decision-making skills.


Georgi will speak on "Yeltsin Visits Texas".

Waiming will speak on "Chief Twit".


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November 2d at 7:10 am


Halloween origins from el Día de Los Muertos in Mexico, or Day of the Dead. It dates back 3,000 years to pre-Columbian times and occurs when the gates of heaven open, allowing the spirit of deceased ones to be reunited with their still-living family. People in other countries worldwide also celebrate reunification with dead ancestors in one form or another on specific days.

From grim and ghastly to fun and festive, different cultures have various ways of celebrating connection with the dearly departed. Let’s talk about our experience of celebrating different events of human life, and how it helps us appreciate life as we live it.


  • Gowdham will speak on "Staying ahead of the game".

  • Elvira will speak on "Power of expectation".

  • Ray will speak on "Homecoming at a snail's pace".


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October 26th at 7:10 am


We, humans, have constantly been evolving our relationship with our environment which includes nature, other humans, and ourselves. This process has been reflected in our traits and our Human Nature. Behavioral psychologist Steven Pinker points out that humans at the beginning of our civilization used to have many more “demonic” traits. Still, we are becoming less violent, more cooperative, and more humane. Modern understanding of human nature includes ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Let’s talk about ever-fascinating, changing, and not changing aspects of Human Nature.


" Distill Signal From Noise" will be given by Jing.

"Power of expectations" will be given my Elvira.

"Free Time" will be given by Georgi.


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October 19th at 7:10 am


Traditions are normally associated with something tried and tested, something well-known , predictable and reliable. The negative sides of traditions could that they are too old and too stagnant. On the other side of the spectrum is modernity which we associate with progressive ideas, new technologies and the ability to learn and adapt. On the negative side of modernity is that we don’t know the long-term consequences of the new things yet. Let’s share ideas on tradition and modernity in different areas of our life.


  • " Distill Signal From Noise" will be given by Jing.

  • "Power of expectations" will be given my Elvira.

  • "Free Time" will be given by Georgi.


October 12th at 7:10 am


What makes a person rich, happy and healthy? Harnessing the power of habits is a great way to pursue success. Committing to habits and rituals allows us to hone our skills necessary to succeed. Habits and rituals also prime our mental state for staying optimistic and seeking solutions when things are difficult. What are those habits and rituals? Let’s explore them together in Table Topics and prepared speeches portions of the meeting!


  • "Empowering emotional state" will be given by Elvira

  • "Anywhereist" will be given by Georgi

  • "Whence we came" will be given by Waiming


October 5th at 7:10 am

Diffusion of innovations

It is believed that Arthur Schopenhauer once said, “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident.

When we innovate, not all our ideas make their way into the world. But those few which make, according to Diffusion of innovation theory, go through the stages quite similar to the proverbial truth. It might explain why we need to invest disproportionately a lot of our time and energy at the beginning compared to any other stages of the innovative process. Diffusion of innovation is a theory that helps manage our expectations, persevere and stay motivated in our pursuit of innovation.

Join us this meeting and learn more!


"Fundraising for your startup" will be given by Parminder.

"Simple Diet" will be give by Jose.

"Flow" will be given by Waiming.

We are thrilled to announce that we are hosting our Open House on 28th September (Wednesday). It is a special event and we have invited a fitting speaker for our keynote, Nathalie Brochstein.

Whenever we hear of billion-dollar acquisitions (think Figma by Adobe or Mailchimp by Intuit), we wonder what it takes to build these successful companies. Well, overcoming quite a few hard challenges for sure. And one common one seems to be building strong and visionary leadership teams.

At our Open House on Wednesday, watch Nathalie Brochstein break down the art of building leadership teams. Don’t miss this opportunity.