How it happens

November 2/2022

Mark Twain once said, "there are two types of speakers". And we are certainly the first kind. Look it up and you'll know what I mean ;).

In our exciting meeting last week, Gowdhaman talked about 'Staying ahead of the game', Elvira accentuated the 'Power of Expectations' and Ray shared his story of COVID quarantine in 'Homecoming at a snail's pace'.

October 26/2022

In the amazing session last week, Jing introduced his new startup - '', Georgi spoke about 'Free time' and Waiming presented his 'Discovery from Misjudgement'.

October 19/2022

Georgi, Wendy and Jose hit the stage last week

October 12/2022

Elvira, Georgi and Waiming mesmerized us with their amazing speeches last week.

October 5/2022

We had amazing speeches last week.

Jose's shared tips on healthy eating in his 'Simple Diet'.

Waiming's 'Flow' showed us the strategy to strike a balance between skills and challenge.

Parminder educated us on 'Avenues for Fundraising'.

September 28/2022

Last week was exceptionally thrilling. Our open house speaker Nathalie Brochstein stole the show. She was sharing her successful strategies of building leadership teams.

September 21/2022

Wendy was sharing her ideas on how to be at your best with speaking before the audience. Jose speech was on "Athletic Performance". Waiming was inspiring us with the "Scifi Mindset" to accomplish our goals.

September 13/2022

Parminder, Georgi and Waiming hit the stage last week. Parminder immersed us in a journey to Mars - 'Inhabiting Mars', Georgi shared how to 'Get a grip' and Waiming hailed the 'Crowd Power'.

September 7/2022

Jing, Jose and Waiming cast their spell on us last week. Jing introduced a new lifestyle - 'Digital Nomad', Jose did 'Cool Things' and Waiming turned our attention to the 'Inhuman CEO'.

August 31/2022

Georgi, Elvira and Waiming rocked the stage last Wednesday. Georgi spoke about "Question Your Goals".

Parminder continued the topic of his two previous speeches: Exploit your full potential - Bend the Reality PART III.

Waiming's speech title was quite intriguing and as always interesting "C v D".

Table Topics revealed a lot of tips and tricks for Work-life strategies which was the theme of the day.

August 24/2022

Georgi, Parminder and Waiming enlightened us with interesting concepts last week. Georgi weighed in on "Fake It 'Til You Make It" , Parminder got busy 'Bending the reality' and Waiming engrossed us with his ideas on "Getting smarter by amalgamating Human and Technology".

August 16/2022

Last week's meeting got very interesting. Georgi spoke about her brush with a terrorist attack :( and Elvira dived into her relationship with time management. We had a couple of guests and both shared about their lives and why they'd love to be part of our amazing community.