• Mentors are available. Contact the VP of Education for information on how to get a mentor. But please remember the following:

    • A mentor is just another club member. It is not their responsibility to contact you. They are a resource for you to use if you need it.

    • They may contact you anyway, because they want to support you. Let them know what help you want and see if they are comfortable. If not, ask them if they can recommend a TM member who may be able to help.

  • Ideas on how to work with your mentor:

    • Everyone's time is precious. So find ways to work where you get maximum benefit. Practicing a speech over the phone with your mentor may be much more effective than trying to set up a time to meet in person – unless you work/live near each other.

    • Ask your mentor to meet with you after any meeting where you give a speech and ask them for additional feedback.

    • Go over any of the written feedback with your mentor when you feel you need a better understanding of what was written or why it might be important.

    • Our club video records most speeches and posts them to YouTube, so you might ask your mentor to take a look at that, if they were unable to attend the meeting. Often, a video recording can reveal things that were missed the first time around, or not as easy to see during the "live" speech.