Social Events

Social Events

On occasions, we have social events. Like an outdoor hiking group, a winter party or summer party.

Once it has been decided that we want to have an event, a chairperson is appointed.

If you are the chairperson, here are some tips for you:

  • Always select the location first. Suggested locations include a members house, a condo/home owners common event area, a park, or similar venues. However, if you have an idea for something special, go for it. But we rarely pay money for event locations.

  • Pick a few dates that are open for the desired location and present them to the club to see which date can get the most attendees.

  • Regarding food, etc. it's always pot luck.

  • As chairperson, your job will be MUCH easier if you get some fellow members to help you out.

Once you have put on your successful event, remember to come back to this page to see if you have some additional ideas that should be added to make it even easier for the next person.


  • We have a couple of passionate hikers in our club.

  • The group hikes normally on early Sunday mornings (7:00am)

  • Hikes are organized in the WhatsApp Group